What is Staycation?

Staycation is literally what the word means, having a vacation in your stay.

A staycation could be an indulgence break from the hectic life, or as simple as get out of your daily routine, refresh your perspectives and started to appreciate the blessing in your life.The purpose of a staycation is to deal with life’s challenges in the simplest way possible.

In Vale Pine, we are committed to providing you a wonderful staycation experience, so that you can create lasting memories with your loved ones and going back to the daily grind recharged and refreshed!

FUN & CRAZY (Villa Series)

  • Reunion

  • Pool Party/ Birthday Party

  • Proposal

  • Group Gathering

  • Company Trip

  • Private Event

Suitable for: 10-35 pax

(some of our ultra-luxurious villas can even accommodate up to 200-300 person)

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Available activities:

  • Swimming Pool

  • Mahjong

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • Karaoke Room

  • Snooker

  • Billiard

  • BBQ Pit

  • Courtyard

  • Game

*subject to individual property

CHILL & COZY (Service Residences Series)

  • Small group gathering

  • Family trip
  • Couple outing
  • Strategically located in city center

Suitable for: 2-12 pax

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Available activities:

  • Swimming Pool

  • Gym

  • Kitchenette

  • City View

  • Sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Playground

*subject to individual property

RELAX & RECHARGE (Retreat Series)

  • Nature Retreat

  • Hiking/Jungle Trekking

  • Team building

Suitable for: 2-8 pax

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Available activities:

  • Communal space
  • Attached bathroom
  • Ample of space around

*subject to individual property

SPACE WORKS (Event Space Series)

  • Video Shooting

  • Customize event like wedding

  • Workshop/Training

  • Workshop/Training

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*subject to individual property